Things to do in Somerset this Spring

Spring is around the corner, which means brighter days, beautiful pink blossom adorned on trees and Easter celebrations with friends and family. Now is the perfect time to plan your springtime adventures and we’re here to give you some inspiration on some upcoming events around Somerset. Rare plant fare – Wells For any nature lovers … Read more

Activities for people of all abilities

Getting outside in Somerset is for everyone and there are lots of activities for people of all abilities.  Sensory walks  Sensory walks help people with complex disabilities to connect with nature and get active. They use their senses to connect with their surroundings and have meaningful experiences. Sense have created a toolkit to help those … Read more

How to set yourself goals and intentions

At the beginning of a new year, we all feel a certain expectation to make resolutions and start off on the right foot, but how often do these last throughout the year? If you want to change your lifestyle, that is a big commitment. They key is to set goals and achieve them one small … Read more

February challenge – Month of Love!

It’s important to remind ourselves of the love that surrounds us in everyday life and all the forms it comes in. There is a different theme each week, including Love Yourself, Love Your Community, Love Your Green Space, and Love Your Friends and Family. We hope to inspire you to participate in activities that celebrate … Read more

Beat the blues this January!

Blue Monday is fast approaching (17th January!), it is historically the day in which people are said to feel the most down, after the high of Christmas and New year has surpassed. It’s totally normal to feel unmotivated at this time of year, but it’s also important to remember to take care of ourselves. Which … Read more

Tips for staying active this winter

When the sun sets in the early evening, and the weather is cold, wet and possibly even snowy, we know it can be a challenge to get motivated and keep active! But there are still stunning sights to be seen in Somerset during the winter months, and it’s important to remember that we can still … Read more

Take time to de-stress!

National Stress Awareness Day occurs every first Wednesday in November and is dedicated to helping people take time out of their day to recognise, manage and reduce stress in both personal and professional lives. It takes place on a Wednesday as it is typically the most exhausting day of the week and gives us a … Read more