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Tips for staying active this winter

When the sun sets in the early evening, and the weather is cold, wet and possibly even snowy, we know it can be a challenge to get motivated and keep active! But there are still stunning sights to be seen in Somerset during the winter months, and it’s important to remember that we can still enjoy our time outside, whatever the weather.

Check out our top tips on staying active this season.

  1. Discover a nice walk in your area

Schedule some time out of your day to enjoy a walk. If you need some inspiration we created a list of the most beautiful walks in Somerset, that are accessible for people of all ages. This can be found here. To give you that extra bit of motivation to go, why not invite a friend to join you? This way you can catch up whilst basking in the winter scenery.

  1. Monitor the weather and plan ahead

Weather forecasts give several days’ notice to prepare your week. Monitoring the weather means you can try to find a day where you can catch a bit of winter sun or avoid a downpour. It also means you can plan your activity to a day or time that suits you best, it’ll give you a chance to find a café to shelter in from the rain, or plan where you want to make the most of the sun.

  1. Wear layers

Pick out your favourite hat and scarf and your cosiest winter coat and you’ll enjoy your outdoor activity without letting the cold dampen your spirits! Layers will help you guard against potentially catching a cold and allow you to stay outside for longer and make the most of your activity.

  1. Volunteer in active ways while maintaining social distance

Help others while helping yourself. Look for volunteer opportunities that involve physical activity such as walking dogs for elderly neighbours. We have some great volunteering opportunities on our website.

  1. Make it social

Some people love exercising on their own, but for others, it is helpful to have company. Buddy up with a friend or get involved with a local group or class. There are plenty of group activities such as running and walking groups, all of which can be found on the activities page on our website.

  1. Sign up to a challenge

Whether it is undertaking the NHS Couch to 5K plan or signing up to a marathon, having a goal can give shape and structure to an exercise routine. Whatever your motivation and fitness level, there are numerous events (many of them free) that you can enter.

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