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Don’t let the cold dampen your spirits! Five festive walks to enjoy

Winter can be the most beautiful time of the year and there are a myriad of locations all around Somerset that make for the picture-perfect stroll. We’re here to help you get into the festive spirit this season with a winter walk, whether you choose to go with loved ones or opt for a peaceful ramble alone, we have some suggestions for you to check out.

Ninesprings Country Park Yeovil: 

Ninesprings is a 20-acre country park with a beautiful wooded valley with footpaths, springs, waterfalls, grottos and lakes to explore, with plenty of wildlife. 

Have a stroll through the sites and when you get a little chilly stop off in the café and warm up with a hot chocolate or treat yourself to a delicious slice of cake! 

Walks in The Quantocks: 

Take in the natural beauty and fantastic views at The Quantocks, one of the most beautiful places in Somerset. If you look carefully, you may even spot red deer or some adorable calves grazing here! 

 Beacon Hill and Bicknoller Hill are both fantastic walking spots in the north-west corner of the Quantocks, above the village of West Quantoxhead.  


Enjoy the fresh sea air with a wintery walk through the picturesque seaside hamlet of Bossington. 

We would recommend extending your walk to one of the fantastic tea rooms near Bossington, we’ve listed our favourites below: 

Dunster, North East Exmoor 

Dunster in winter is a delight. The exhaust beat of the West Somerset Railway steam train rings out as it departs the local station and begins its climb into the Quantock Hills. 

It is the perfect place for a winter day trip as it has so much to offer. From Dunster Castle to a Victorian folly, with panoramic views to coast and countryside, it makes for a magical winter stroll.  

There are also charming shops and cafes nestled side-by-side upon cobbled streets which always add a fun element to the walk. 

Taunton river and canal 

If you’re looking for something short and sweet, this is the perfect option. This walk takes in a beautiful stretch of the River Tone, and a quiet tract of the Bridgwater and Taunton canal. A Criss-Cross of Bridges: Take in a lively stretch of the River Tone, a new wildlife mural, and the Mill Stream running through Goodland Gardens in Taunton. 

Here are some helpful directions to use! 

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