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February challenge – Month of Love!

It’s important to remind ourselves of the love that surrounds us in everyday life and all the forms it comes in.

There is a different theme each week, including Love Yourself, Love Your Community, Love Your Green Space, and Love Your Friends and Family.

We hope to inspire you to participate in activities that celebrate each week’s theme. Everyone is welcome to take part in as many activities or weeks that they choose.

As part of the challenge, Get Outside in Somerset is also encouraging the community to get their steps in! Challenge yourself to achieve 10K steps per day, or if that seems like a bit too much, aim to increase your current average by 3K, or take part in at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity per day.

Anyone can track their progress here.

Visit the Challenges page to view and download the activity pack.

Week 1: Love Yourself

Self-care week coincides with Time to talk day on 3rd February. This day is all about encouraging people to be open about their mental health. There is no wrong or right way to get involved! You could host a coffee and chat event in your community centre, or it can be as simple as texting a friend.

Being active is also a fantastic way to improve mental health as you are nourishing both your mind and your body. Whether you choose to go on a walk and listen to a podcast, catch up with a friend in a local café or be adventurous and try a new hobby, these are all acts of self-care and a great way to feel good.

Week 2: Love Your Community

Volunteering is one of the best ways to give back to your community and is such an admirable and inspiring activity to take part in. No matter where you live, there are lots of brilliant charities to get involved with. Click here to find out more.

Week 3: Love Your Green Space

This week will be all about reinforcing how rewarding taking an extra bit of care in your greenspace can be. There is a fantastic Somerset charity called CPRE that are recruiting a small army of volunteers who will carry out regular clean ups of their local patch. These guys can kit you out with your very own litter picker, hi vis vest, CPRE bag and gloves. For more information, click here.

Week 4: Love Your Friends and Family 

For the final week of challenges, everyone will be encouraged to spend some quality time with friends and family. Whether you choose to go on a walk/cycle together, try a new yoga class or simply facetime a friend, celebrating love for friends and family will always be rewarding.

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