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Big things often have small beginnings

Getting outside and moving more doesn’t mean diving headfirst into challenging and extreme activities or feeling the pressure to run for miles or take part in team sports. It is just about enjoying the fresh air in ways that suit you, whether that’s relaxing in the garden, meeting family and friends in the park, or volunteering at a local event.

Big things often have small beginnings, so we’ve pulled together a few ideas to help you get started.

Use the space you have

If you have a garden, make a pledge to yourself to spend more time in it. Perhaps you set yourself a certain number of minutes to spend gardening in a week or try some simple exercises on the grass. If you have young children, why not play a game like musical statues or What’s the time Mr Wolf, games are a good way to get moving and keep them entertained for a short while!

What’s on your doorstep?

Have a look at what is available on your doorstep. Perhaps you have a local park you can stroll around. There are some amazing National Trust sites with beautiful walks – and sometimes with a nice café too so you can treat yourself! While you’re out, why not take some binoculars, find a nice quiet place to sit and see what wildlife you can spot.


There are so many ways to get involved with volunteering and it can do wonders for both your mental and physical health. You can meet new people, learn new skills, and make a real difference to your local community and environment. You don’t need to commit to huge amounts of time and can look at one-off activities if that suits you better. From beach cleans and sea watch projects, to gardening and sharing your skills with others, there really is something for everyone. Check out our volunteering page to find out more about the opportunities in your area through our partners.

Try a different mode of transportation

If you would usually drive or take public transport, why not try walking to your destination, or cycle if you have a bike. This could be when you are nipping out to the shops or commuting to work and is a great way to get outside and move more, while fitting it around your daily lifestyle.

Walk and talk

The past year has seen more of us working from home, a trend which is likely to stay for many. This has inevitably meant more telephone and video calls. Why don’t you suggest a good old fashioned telephone call with your colleagues and get outside for a walk at the same time? This could be round the garden or down the road, a 5 minute breathe of fresh air or an hour stroll.

Build up slowly

Try not to take on too much too soon, or you’re in danger of hurting yourself or beating yourself up for finding it difficult. The Couch to 5K programme is an excellent way to start your journey if you fancy trying out running. The programme is designed for beginners to gradually build up their running ability so they can eventually run 5km without stopping.

These are just a few small ways you can start enjoying the outdoors more in Somerset, and if you’re ready to find out a bit more, check out the activities near you.

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