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Cycling for Beginners

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Adapted Cycling

Cycling for BeginnersSomerset

Cycling in Somerset

Looking for information about cycling in Somerset? Cycling UK's guide to cycling in Somerset gives you routes, events, clubs and advice to inspire you to ...
Cycling for BeginnersSedgemoor

Cycle Routes in Bridgwater

It’s your choice how you travel, but we can help you plan your journey, particularly during times when the roads are busiest.
Cycling for BeginnersSedgemoorSWT

Bike Maintenance in Taunton & Bridgwater

We have a wide selection of second-hand bikes for sale in all of our shops and provide servicing.
Cycling for BeginnersSomerset

Advice for Beginners

Everyone is a beginner when they start to cycle. With over 140 years’ experience in the saddle, we want to share our love of cycling, ...