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Mental Health and Blue Spaces

Join our exciting course, which enables participants to explore engaging with the natural world for health and wellbeing. Specifically, this course explores wetlands, nature connection and mental health, coming together online to share and learn with each other.

Leading with nature, and our connection with the natural world as an important and meaningful experience, we explore practices and tools that draw on our surroundings to support out health and wellbeing, as well as opening up conversations on ways we might want to move forward in our lives. Primarily, after an uncertain time over the last few years, we might explore possibilities for reconnecting with community life and for finding ways to get back out to the natural world.

This course draws on the values and structure of self-management and has been co-produced by a group with lived experience of mental health issues. As a result, you can expect to meet others in a group setting online, sharing and learning experiences, tools and skills. Those will long term health issues may well find being part of this

Please contact Will Freeman on:
Email: blueprescriptions@wwt.org.uk

Tel: 07920272054

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